Bryce's Law Revisited - Kansas City Policy Breakfast

Bryce's Law Revisited
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Have you ever heard of "Bryce's Law?"

Probably not, and that's part of the problem for many children with special needs in Missouri.

The 2013 law is designed to help them get the education they need, but not one student has been allowed to benefit from it.

This presentation will explain why that's the case and why the US Supreme Court's Trinity Lutheran v. Comer case might help empower these young people.

Speaker Biography:

Michael McShane, Senior Fellow of Education Policy

A former high school teacher, Michael McShane earned a Ph.D. in education policy from the University of Arkansas, an M.Ed. from the University of Notre Dame, and a B.A. in English from St. Louis University. McShane’s analyses and commentary have been published widely in the media, including in the Huffington Post, National Affairs, USA Today, and The Washington Post. He has also been featured in education-specific outlets such as Teachers College Commentary, Education Week, Phi Delta Kappan, and Education Next. In addition to authoring numerous white papers, McShane has had academic work published in Education Finance and Policy and the Journal of School Choice.