June 25, 2013

No Fee For Photographers

When photographers saw a sign in Faust Park in Saint Louis County this spring banning professional photography without a permit, complaints began immediately. The sign was removed quickly, but photographers still worried about the potential cost of a permit to use Saint Louis County parks. County officials stated that the policy would be under review, and a rule change requiring a permit could go into effect.

Engaged citizens continued to speak out against the permit and news stories documented the issue. The Show-Me Institute contributed to the opposition with testimony we submitted to the county and a conversation about the issue on the Big 550 KTRS. I am happy to report that last week, the Saint Louis County Parks Department announced the policy has been completely dropped.

Photographers don’t impose a higher cost to the county than other park-goers and already contribute taxes to use the parks as area residents and business owners. A user fee would have been unnecessary, and I’m glad the county chose not to impose it.

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